Tuesday, December 22, 2009


---I see that the media firestorm on Tiger Woods has slowed down a bit. I have to admit that tired as I was to be hearing about Tiger's alleged latest ho and his related trangressions, it was a refreshing change from reading about the dumbass Congress and our President. I'm still awaiting my personal bail out packages from the Government, as I know many of my fellow hard working Americans are. Everybody from the top to the bottom, except the middle class, seems to be reaping benefits from the new administration. What about me?

Here's a good read from the LA TIMES about sponsorships and Tiger http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ct-neil22-2009dec22,0,5392207.column.

---And just when I say the above, I read in the morning news that some AIG exec is getting a 4.5 million dollar pay package. How about a pay package that says either you repay the government all the money we've bailed you out with or everyone ranked VP and above goes to Fed prison for 5 years for misapplication of fiduciary property?

I think that the Wall Street and banking and insurance crowd is aware of the growing dissatisfaction with their good deeds, as I read earlier this month in a Bloomberg article called Arming Goldman Sachs With Pistols by Alice Schroeder. You can find it here at

As far as I know, Bloomberg Financial News has not descended into TMZ territory with this article and if accurate, reflects more growing unrest in this country and a growing distaste for the robber barons still running our banking industry, hand in hand with Wall Street and insurance companies doing their best part to bilk our country out of what few dollars the narco lords to the south have not added to their collections.

---I don't know who Brittany Murphy was and I'm not familiar with any of her movies, but it's always a horror to see a young person pass away. In reading some of the hyper-news coverage (Do you think El Tigre is relieved after three weeks straight of being the cover gossip dud of the day for TMZ and Radar Online and other gossip TV, print and internet outlets that someone famous died to take some of the coverage off of him).

Obviously, she was a successful actress financially, despite my never having heard of her. I saw a picture of her estate in the hills around LA, and the word that comes to mind is opulent. I know all too well that money isn't everything if you don't have your happiness or your health. God Speed to her and condolences to her family and friends.

---We watch a lot of Nick and Disney here at the house with El Fisho Jr. I must say I'm impressed with many of the offerings of both these networks, particularly with Nick and iCarly. Although some of the storylines are recycled from previous generations of sit coms, they are well done and impart messages and morals to the kids. I like that, and there is not enough good TV for families these days.

We like Spongebob a great deal as well, the writers for that show are hilarious. I don't know why I didn't catch on to Spongebob sooner, but as with my late discovery of Beavis and Butthead so many years ago, it's a hilarious show.

---I'll end with a not so random thought. Here's wishing everyone who stops by a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season, and here's looking forward to a great next year!

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