Thursday, December 17, 2009


About a year and a half ago I was searching the web looking for close imitations to the out of production Bianchi "Askins Avenger" type holster. Rafter S is a custom holster maker, and does have wait times for some of their items. Most of the noted custom holster makers have wait times ranging from 6-8 weeks to a year or more.

I can't find a picture of the holster like I bought, but when you go to the above page, you'll see several black sharkskin holsters. The holster pictured above is the IWB version of their holster.

It so happened that they had a OWB (Outside the waistband) holster for my Glock 36 in stock, in black sharkskin, with a black sharkskin reinforcement ring around the top. It was reasonably priced and I got it in a couple of days. The sharkskin is such a serious skin that I suspect El Fisho Jr's son will be able to use the holster if he wants's that well made!

At this point I'll note that Rafter S only makes two kinds of holsters, OWB and IWB (in the waist band). They believe, and I tend to agree, that strong side carry is the best for self-defense. Particularly for those of us with law enforcement training, as you always revert to your training in an emergency situation. I see nothing wrong with their marketing idea, to limit your wares to a couple of designs and make them as an artisen makes his art: with passion and perfection!

The holster is a bit thicker than a cowhide Askins Avenger, but I suspect that has to do with the sharkskin material. It holds my Glock 36 well and has a nice sight channel in the holster. It is *almost* the perfect holster.

The only issue I have with the holster is that the belt loop behind the holster (the one not visible from the front) on the Rafter S is sort of molded and curved out a bit, thus making the holster ride a bit less close to the body in the 3, 4,5 O'clock positions. The belt loop/slot on the Askins Avenger is tight and flat against the holster body, aiding in concealment by pulling the front of the holster close to the body.
So I plan on ordering some other holsters of theirs for several of my pistols, and I'll have to get a black sharkskin belt to match. I think I'll ask if they can make the belt loop behind the holster flat against the holster body, and they're really nice, so I'm pretty sure they'll do their best for me.
I highly recommend this holster maker.

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