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One young drummer getting a lot of attention these days is John Morgan Kimock, son of legendary but somewhat obscure guitarist Steve Kimock.
I've enjoyed his father's guitar playing for years, and when reading this article on CNN I found that he had a prodigy drummer son. The article includes a nice video interview with dad:
Two years ago at the age of 18 John released a solo album, described here by jambase,
and I quote:
John Morgan Kimock: Depiction

John Morgan KimockJohn Morgan Kimock (son of
Steve Kimock) has put the finishing touches on his first solo album entitled Depiction. The new album, produced entirely by the 18-year-old drum prodigy, is now available only on John Morgan's Kind Killers MySpace site. The release features a number of special guest musicians including Jim Kost, Steve Kimock, Paul Thiessen and Angelo Miraglia. With a number of up-coming shows, the young Kimock will be performing tracks from Depiction while also unveiling his new project Kind Killers with Angelo Miraglia and special guests. <> Written and produced entirely by Kimock, Depiction highlights a seven track instrumental journey into sound and has one major element of surprise: there is only one track with drums. Instead the debut is filled with layers of keyboard samples and sounds played or sampled by the versatile musician and respective guests.

A self-taught drummer from Northeastern Pennsylvania John Morgan Kimock pairs naturally with keyboard player Angelo Miraglia – a musician he has been playing with since childhood. Together the duo has been working behind the scenes at venues across the country (in tow with SKB and ZERO) while learning the ropes of touring and the craft of writing intelligent music. Together, the side project will offer a large scope of instrumental material while incorporating the latest in live mixing technology.

The Kind Killers cinematic approach to instrumental composition reflects their love for good cheer and evokes passionate moods that will leave you wanting more of a feeling "you can't explain." The band sites influences that range from The Books, Steve Kimock, Lymbyc Systym, among others – however on first listen you can hear a more youthful, yet refined presence in the music that lends to a fresh sound and style that is all their own.
Kind Killers tour dates11/20/07 The Mint Los Angeles, CA11/23/07 Mojito San Francisco, CA11/25/07 12 Galaxies San Francisco, CA
[Published on: 11/16/07]
John sounds like a drummer I'd like to hear. If I could hear him playing with his dad, so much the better.
Steve Kimock is currently touring with Crazy Engine, as detailed here in the bio at Steve's site:
Steve Kimock Crazy Engine: 30 years of innovation
Steve Kimock is an innovator. Not just for his ability to successfully navigate live performances spanning the Summer of Love through the advent of MTV and well into the new electronic-pop revolution. And not just for his gift for leading the live music recording and download revolution with a meticulous dedication to archive and share his live shows for more then twenty years (Macworld, 2005). He is not just an innovator because of his craftsmanship restoring vintage analog equipment for a completely custom and organic sound (he designed a highly collected edition of Two Rock brand “Kimock Amplifiers” and most recently a custom, ergonomic Scott Walker guitar, in stereo).
Steve Kimock is also an innovator for his ability to create matchless arrangements of musicians, who for over thirty years have collectively created inimitable improvisational performances based on the elements of classic rock, jazz, prog and rhythm & blues, with the kind of soul only someone with his experience and depth can construct.
His latest project, aptly named Crazy Engine, is also approached with the same “a bit of the old and a bit of the new” logic. The line-up includes the legendary Hammond B3 player Melvin Seals, known for his twenty years with the Jerry Garcia Band, as well as his son, John Morgan Kimock on drums. Not without merit, the twenty-year-old drummer has organized a number of self-released albums earning him a record deal with Rope-A-Dope Records by the age of 18. Rounding out the quartet is accomplished singer-songwriter and cello player, Trevor Exter, who was plucked out of the NYC indie music scene to fill the roll of bass and vocals. This arrangement of seasoned players and talented youthful musicians blends with Kimock’s innovative mind for music – and foretells a merge of his vintage appeal with a modern twist, to befit music lovers of all types.

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