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This is a long time LA band with several famous actor members. I've never seen them but know people who are big fans of this group. Here's their myspace link that has some nice songs of theirs that you can listen to:

One member, Bill Mumy, played Will Robinson on Lost in Space in the sixties. Here's what wiki says about his musical past:

Mumy is an accomplished[citation needed] musician who plays guitar, bass, keyboards, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and percussion. Among his various musical credits, Bill has recorded and written songs with America, toured with Shaun Cassidy, and played in Rick Springfield's band in the film, Hard to Hold. He also created the band The Be Five with other Babylon 5 actors. Along with comic book artists who also are musicians, he'll perform at SDCC in a band called Seduction of the Innocent[citation needed].
Mumy has released a number of solo
CDs, including Dying to Be Heard, In the Current, Pandora's Box, After Dreams Come True, Los Angeles Times, and Ghosts, as well as nine albums with partner Robert Haimer as Barnes and Barnes. Their most famous hit is the song "Fish Heads", which was named as one of the top 100 videos of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.
Here's a link to Bill Mumy's website, that contains some archival information about The Jenerators. Here's an excerpt from his bio about his music:
Bill's rock band The Jenerators have released three albums, "The Jenerators," "Hitting the Silk," and "Pony Up." 1999 saw the release of "The Be Five: Trying To Forget," another Renaissance CD written and produced by Bill featuring vocals by actors from Babylon 5. Bill's has also produced three albums for children, "Kiss My Boo Boo" (Infinite Visons), “The Dinosaur Album” and “Yogi Bear and Friends: This Land is Your Land”. (kid Rhino)He has worked with the pop group "America" off and on for over twenty years, composing, producing and performing with the band. As a songwriter Bill has supplied songs to such varied artists as pop stars America, David and Shaun Cassidy, to jazz artists like Sea Wind and the legendary Rosemary Clooney.

Miguel Ferrar is the drummer for the group. One of my favorite character actors for his villianous roles, particularly in RoboCop, I wonder what kind of drums he plays. Drummers often wonder about such things as the brand and shell makeup of the drums themselves, the configuration and the sizes of the drumshells.

Here's what wiki says about the band:
The Jenerators are a blues-rock band based in Los Angeles, CA featuring Tom Hebenstreit on vocals, electric guitars and keyboards; Bill Mumy on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, keyboards, and percussion; Gary Stockdale on vocals and bass; Miguel Ferrer on vocals, percussion and drums; David Jolliffe on guitar, percussion and vocals and Chris Ross on drums and percussion.

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