Sunday, December 13, 2009


Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to try out the Federal Premium Low Recoil Ammunition I paid a premium at my local gun shop for this ammo, paying a bit less than that shown at Midway link above. I bought some in .45 and in .38 special calibers.
Again, I'm not paid or compensated by Federal or any of these companies that sell or have anything to do with this ammo. I buy it at gun shops and gun shows, just like everyone else. Sometimes, I shoot ammo that friends of mine have bought, and we let each other shoot different kinds of ammo we have to try out different brands.
For many years I believed in Silvertip ammo for autoloading .45 handguns, then became partial to a type of Federal hollowpoint that had a very wide mouth, which supposedly aided in feeding in certain types of 1911 Commanders.
But I really like this Federal Premium Low Recoil ammo. There's more to the name of the particular ammo itself, but you can see it above in the pic or at the link. I was really amazed shooting this ammo out of a Glock 36 and a Kimber Ultra CDP in .45. There were three shooters including myself, and all were amazed at the very light recoil out of the Glock using these rounds, and all agreed that we had shot .380's that had more kick than the Glock using these Low Recoil rounds.
We shot amazing groups at 25 feet and 25 yards with these pistols. The low recoil enabled faster second and third shot abilities and better target aquisition.
I like them. That's all I'm carrying in .45 automatics these days, but of course I shoot my share of ball ammo when practicing, based on cost factors. But I occasionally do shoot a box of the Federals just to keep in practice with them and be overwhelmed at how pleasureable they are to shoot.
They work great in lightweight snubnose revolvers as well, toning down the recoil, which is generally higher in most lighter weight firearms shooting larger calibers. It also provides a slower bullet which is a better factor to prevent target over-penetration and thus is generally safer than a faster bullet in urban area self defense scenarios.

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