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One of the great fishing forums I often read for both fresh and salt information is It has a lot of great info on it and I've found the posters there to be quite helpful in their information given. You never know if some is BS or not but it seems there is a comraderie there and some degree of frequent discussion among many of the posters, and in most cases where I'm familiar with the topic I agree with the recommendations.

It's a great place to find places to fish, baits to use, fishing reports, etc. Lots of other great catagories too. I enjoy the parts about folks both refurbishing and customizing all kinds if fishing boats themselves. You see some really cool small motorboat fishing boat upgrade projects every now and then.

So one post says that the trout stocking in Denton didn't take place today. And that thte poster called and was told it would be some uncertain date "expected" this week.

Maybe it's a circumstance beyond their control but even if not their fault, it's unfortunate because this chilly weather is ideal, I SAY, ideal for rainbow fishing. I hope it goes off as scheduled elsewhere? I plan to call tomorrow and find out if the stocking places we are considering will be on schedule.

Also, for lots of parts of the state where stocking is going on, there is expected to be an afternoon snow and possibly some icing on roads friday night, allegedly warming Saturday. We'll see. That could make fishing neigh unlikely due to icing as we wanted to head there very early Saturday, but even though the last report I read said some warming on Saturday, you know that's always subject to change. But because of the driving distance Billy Ray and I were considering traveling to one of two stocking places early, we'll be delayed at best and cancelled if weather does not warm Saturday.

Here's another link to a Texas Fishing Forum post about suggested baits for trout:

Among the recommended trout baits mentioned there are some of my favorites, including dry flys, corn, Salmon eggs, Mepps (Walmart has these) and Rooster-tails and Panther Martin spinners, corn, and earthworms.

I've also had good luck with nymphs and streamers, which are deeper running flies. You don't have to have a fly rod absolutely to fly fish, you can buy the clear plastic bobbers that can be filled with water to give some casting weight to the fly so you can use ultralight spinning or spincasting tackle. Cheap flies can be found even at Walmart, but I prefer the better ones from even places like Academy, Fly Fishing stores, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, etc.

Any type of black fly, mosquito or gnat pattern is going to do well (I used 10, 12, 14), as will Dave's Hopper or other types of grasshopper flies (even though in this cold weather the hoppers are gone). Streamers resembling minnows and the like are also productive for me if dry flies are not working.

Other baits I have not used for trout that are suggested and sound good are rattletraps (I assume very small hooks, size 10 or smaller); Trout Chow from feed store (wonder if you can find that in Texas); string cheese; Velveeta Cheese (My grandpa's favorite in Missouri on Lake Tannycomo); Super Dupers; Berkley Powerbait in chartruse; Berkley trout powerbait dough in garlic,peach salmon egg, and yellow; and a flourescent 3 inch Berkley trout worm.

Remeber that even though it is getting very cold this week, other species often in the lakes and rivers and ponds that are stocked are also feeding. I've often caught bass and panfish when fishing for trout, even when cold. Several times I've caught and seen caught catfish on a fly or streamer.

I do know several game wardens and one administrator over at TPW, and one of them may be able to get the scoop for me on when the stockings I'm interested in are going down. Rest assured I'll be calling in the morning.

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