Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Johnny Law says it very well when he says "I'm glad to hear this cop-killing piece of garbage is now dead and it is finally over except the grief."

Read his post over at The Johnny Law Chronicles Justice is Served.

Johnny is on my blogroll, although I'm not as familiar with him as I am with Texas Ghost Rider. But Johnny has an excellent blog, which I read regularly and here are a couple of links to some stories, one somber and one entertaining:

Officer Down and Life In the Red Zone

Way to keep a low-profile

I keep up with my ex-cop feelings by reading great blogs by guys like Johnny Law and TGR. They bleed blue, as they should. Although I've been a prosecutor for long enough to be called a veteran, I still bleed blue and (mostly) fondly recall my days as an officer. It's times like these, of senseless killings of good officers and the devastation of their families and their coworkers and their families, that are not so fond in my memories.

If anyone has information about the benefit accounts being set up for these families in Washington, please let me know and I'll do a post on it here. In times like these, we have to support the families of our police and show them how appreciated their loved ones were.

I hope that by now St. Peter has put this POS on a southbound shuttle to Hell and that his eternal damnation has begun.

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