Saturday, March 12, 2016


I've been extremely remiss in not remembering my dear friend and noted Houston drummer, the late Orville Strickland. He passed from brain cancer in Houston twenty years ago last January or so. It was early in the year and I'll google later and correct the date if I can find it.

One of Orville's relatives posted some very nice comments HERE on a post about legendary drummer Roy Brooks where I referenced Orville. Since receiving those comments recently, I began remembering some of my times with Orville, and thought I would share them for his family and many friends who might sometime stumble upon this.

I want to do some fact checking and find out some particulars about who he played with over the years. I know he did an album with a band called "The Cheaters" or "Cheaters" and have seen a copy of it years ago.

I'll post more later when I get everything I'd like to say about Orville. I'd love to have some photos of him.