Friday, September 15, 2017


I stole part of the above title from a comment on a great Harry Dean performance of the classic Jim Reeves song "He'll Have to Go"  at his 80th birthday party.The audio is not so great on it.

But the audio is pretty dang good on a wide variety of other Harry Dean Stanton Band tunes available on youtube. My favorite is this version of LOVE POTION #9. Looks like some Hollywood studio pros backing him, especially the trumpet player. I'd love to know who he is, as his playing sounds very familiar. In any event, the trumpet solo starting at about 1:35 is just absolutely awesome.

That day that always comes for all of us arrived for Harry Dean Stanton. Living to 91 is a damn great thing, particularly when you remained active in your art until it was your time to go.

I wrote some eight years ago about Harry Dean and my great admiration for him HERE and told some of my stories about chasing him all over Hollywood. To keep up with Harry's gigs in those pre-internet days, friends would send me the gig pages from the Los Angeles Chronicle and I subscribed to a magazine called Music Connection for a number of years, which covered the music scene in general in LA.

Ah, Harry Dean, you brought so many of us so much pleasure with your acting and your  singing and your art. 

Although I am a musician, I'm not an actor, yet the fact that Harry Dean's acting career really didn't take off big time until he was 58 years old, after decades of character actor roles, gives me hope that I'll shoot off into the stratosphere SOON on my future ventures, since I'm nearing that age.

Harry Dean kept a low profile personal life. Off the top  of my head, I recall that at some point after moving to LA, he and Jack Nicholson roomed together for several years, in a remote house in one of the beautiful canyons and hills overlooking Hollywood. You can't tell me those guys didn't have some fun in that house!

He served our country in the U.S. Navy as a cook and was in the Battle of Okinawa. Do you think that experience was what drove Harry to acting? Even as a cook, men you've gotten to know disappeared and died. You saw the disfigured. Maybe that was what led him to leave his studies in Kentucky and head to Pasadena to study acting, as did other of his day that were WWII and Korean War vets.

Harry was 7 years older than my late mom and dad. He took a chance. A big chance. While my parents successfully pursued the American Dream, guys like Harry were still doing character parts.

When El Fisho Jr. was much younger, in elementary school, like his dad he developed an interest in U.S. military history. We watched Kelley's Heroes many many many many times, an extremely safe movie nowadays and hardly violent at all. Heavy on dialog. It captivated me as a child when it was on T.V. 

I made a point to indicate who Harry Dean was and tell him of some of my fascination with his acting and his music. Over the years, he's seen several movies and shows with Harry Dean, but he's not the fan I am. My wife is a big fan, but again, apart from a few good friends spread throughout The Great State of Texas and a few other places, there are few I've met that share my fascination with Harry Dean.

It is said Harry's passing was peaceful. I've been in that same hospital that he passed in many times for various medical testing.

I'll always remember seeing him play music. As great as his acting abilities, he always touched a subtle nerve in the music he played. Go to YouTube and do a search on his name. I've provided a few links about, and Love Potion #9 remains a big favorite. I'll get it going on the phone bluetoothing to the car stereo driving down the road and hitting repeat a few times. I really need to find out who that trumpet player was as I'd like to hear some more of his stuff.

I'll write some more soon about Harry Dean. He made the world a better place. He made me laugh and feel different feelings and his music levitated me to a joy that certain bands do. He has charisma in his musical delivery.

I'll close with one of my favorite clips from the movie Repo Man,
where Harry Dean is schooling his protege Emilio Estavez on the CODE OF THE REPO MAN It's so hard to believe this clip was from a movie that released 33 years ago. Man, it just seems like yesterday we rented that on VHS and cracked up. It was one of those outstanding movies of that time, along with Paris, Texas and Taxi Driver and so many great masterpieces.


An ordinary person spends his life avoiding tense situations. A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations.

Bud: [doing speed with Otto] Never broke into a car, never hotwired a car. Never broke into a truck. 'I shall not cause harm to any vehicle nor the personal contents thereof, nor through inaction let the personal contents thereof come to harm' It's what I call the Repo Code, kid!
 Don't forget it--etch it in your brain. Not many people got a code to live by anymore.

To some, Repo Man might not be on the level of more dramatic movies. There is all kinds of stuff going on in Repo man, with Emilio stuck in a highly dysfunctional family and  as a former punk rocker, just looking for his place in life.

I hope your spirit is happy and free, Harry Dean.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


YES MY FRIENDS, like the election of President-elect Donald J. Trump just two short months ago, EVERYTHING is coming up roses! 

As an aside, thank goodness for Kellyanne Conway. I'm glad she's staying on. Her statements over the past few days over the Meryl lecture and the pre-speech attempt to incriminate President-Elect Trump over what has of this writing shown to be a mess of baseless allegations and things that didn't happen, paid for by first the Republicans then then Democrats.

As for Kellyanne, I hope they find great schools for their kids but I also really hope her genius Supreme Court practice attorney of some renown is appointed Solicitor General. Heck, I've read his resume online, he's way qualified in Supreme Court Practice, if I read correctly, for almost 20 years now, and the perfect age, to be a Supreme. Why not? The man is highly qualified.

Most lawyers never get to practice before the Supreme Court. My late Father argued a landmark case before the Court over 40 years ago, and was awestruck by the experience, even being a big city lawyer used to jury trial and appellate arguments.

Mr. Conway, again this is from memory, has been practicing repeatedly before the Supremes since the late 90's, and likely in many other courts as well. But I get the idea SCOTUS is his specialty.

Also, I don't know what Kellyanne's role with the new POTUS will entail, but I sure hate to see her not be the public face in media representing him. At least in times of crisis, I'd prefer to see her repping Trump in tough situations and issues, with all due respect to his recently appointed, one resigned and appointed  PR crew and spokespersons.

But Hillary's defeat is not the only dream that's come true. I, and others I know,  recently had another dream come true...Colt is back in the Double Action revolver business. 

So to shift gears entirely, let's talk about a new Colt revolver. DA. Double Action.

Although for others in the gun industry who read about new products this is not likely real breaking news, but from the linked article about the NEW COLT COBRA PISTOL you can read that it's a fairly recent development. 

I sent Zach at the blog on the right side of your screen that link and he was impressed like me. Also like me, I think he harbors hopes of development of other DA revolvers if this introduction is successful.

Yahoo. We need Colt back in the double action revolver business. 

And Colt, if some web surfing employee or bot is on the web and comes across this, I've got a great business plan suggestion for you.
It's really simple and something you already do.

In addition to getting the Cobra out for sale  
for sale in the VErY near future, and to you need to INCREASE production of ALL of your single action revolvers. Immediately if not sooner. 

AND  as I write this, my shooting heart goes pitter patter like so many other satisfied Colt revolver shooters with the that Colt is HOPEFULLY developing some other great DA revolvers (HINT to COLT: BUILD SOME MORE PYTHON, DIAMONDBACK, LAWMAN and perhaps a .357 Detective Special!) That's all speculation and wishing on my part folks. Not anything I've heard. Just what I'd like to see.

As I said above, let's get those production facilities going 24/7 on the Single Action Colt revolvers. Both the Peacemaker and the New Frontier. 

Since your business issues, I've seen lots of very nice new Colt 1911's from entry level to Gold Cup at my local dealers. There has been a paucity, however, of .38 Super Guns other than the full size all steel Government model. Which, by the way, is a fantastic gun.

But getting back to increasing production for the single actions. Lots of folks I know spend, every few months, some bucks on a long distance or a black rifle in the SA Colt price range, or on high end 1911's from many brands that cost far more than the SA Colt revolvers. Lots of these guys, like me, would buy one on the spot, but I'm just not getting the chance.

Colt, you will sell every one you can make, as you already undoubtedly do since I have not seen a new Peacemaker for sale in at least 7 years in a gun store, let alone ever seeing a New Frontier for sale ever. Or for that matter, I've never seen a New Frontier other than on media and in print.  

Frankly, it's rare to see any Colt revolver be it single or double action, new or used on sale at any gun shop, but the single action Colts are a hard to find bunch for any kind of semi-reasonable prices (within the realm of what is actually reasonable for a Colt nowadays, not some skewed idea of what the price should be).

So yeah, it'd be great if I could snag a nice Peacemaker in ..44 Special or 45 Colt or even .357 or even something with harder to find and more expensive ammo like the .44-40 at MSRP or even a little less or a little more. But I'd prefer the first two over the latter.

Mostly, I'd just like to see A SINGLE new Colt Single Action.

In my gun shop travels, in terms of interesting guns that are not the same fare most gun shops have, I occasionally see Interterms era Walthers and Lugers, Browning Hi-Powers, various 1960's-1980's S&W revolvers, a stray H&K P7 or (rarely) a P9S. Even Mauser pistols! But rarely Colt revolvers.

I can almost count the number of Colt double action revolvers on two hands that I've seen in the last decade for sale. Of course, I bought several of them. But here's a list, with the most recent (and highly overpriced) siting listed last, to-wit:

All guns in excellent condition and Blued except where noted.

1. Anaconda 4" Nickel or Stainless?
2. Python 8"
3. Python 8" with extra 3" (California Special) Barrel, NIB
4. Three  Detective Specials, 3rd Generation, near 100%
5. Python 6"
6. Colt Cobra, 2nd Generation, near 100%
7. Colt Python, 2.5" barrel
8. Colt Python, 2.5" barrel, 85% finish
9. Colt .357 Magnum, 4" pre-model name, 85%
10. Colt Lawman, nickel, 2.5" barrel

So out of the hundreds of Lugers, HK's and other unusual guns I occasionally see in stores, I see about 1 Colt double action revolver a year.

Yes, I know there are stores, like a shop I'll not name in Houston that carries a lot of high end and hard to find firearms, where at some times there are a lot of recent single action Colts for sale. Some extremely fancy and highly expensive. But you will pay a premium price for a used gun there, and again, although I like to troll their website, I have not seen any new single action Colts for sale there in some years, although it's possible I've missed them as I don't troll it often.

And yes, I know Gunbroker and similar sites have Colts for sale, but I like to feel the gun if possible. My friend Zach found me a fantastic .223/20 gauge Savage Model 24 at a store near his house that had a nice webpage, and I bought it sight unseen and it's just a fabulous gun in excellent condition at a cheap price for that gun. Even came with a very nice scope that's dead on accurate. But before I spend larger dollars on a gun, I'd like to feel the action. It's all about the action in a revolver.

How about it, Colt?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


YES, it's been awhile. I see they've reconfigured the dashboard for this blog, and we'll
see how much of a challenge that is.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


This year at the Shot Show, a company I like, Pedersoli, who make lots of western type firearms and reproductions and some cool guns like a .20 gauge black powder double barreled sawed off shotgun (legal without federal license because it's black powder muzzle loader).

I don't own any of their guns, but I've shot a few over the years and have no objection to owning one. So it was with much delight when I read they were introducing a Double Barrel pistol chambered in .45 Colt that will later this year be chambered also for the .410 shotshell.

See the TFB review here with a picture of it. Obviously, a .45 Colt that chambers .410 is nothing new. Going back over 35+ years to the Thompson Contenders likewise chambered, single shot guns, well that's what my dad and I carried at our country places as snake guns.

At the time, we both often remarked, as did many of our friends who thought the TC's in 45/410 were a great idea, how we wished it was a double barreled gun with a follow up shot capability.

Then came along, apart from some very large and heavy .410 revolvers the name of which escapes me, the Taurus Judge and the S&W Governor. For the life of me, I can't understand why the same shell in the far lighter and smaller Governor has less felt recoil to me than the several times heavier TC. Oh well, I sure do like the Governor. It's a great handgun for a fisherman as snakes tend to hang out in fishy areas. Having a few backup shots in .45 long Colt for any hogs behind some snake shot is not a bad feature of the Judge or the Governor.

Nonetheless, I like these guns. I don't care at all at first glance for the grip style and angle. I'd rather have some sort of TV like grip
I could put a Pachmayr signature grip on, or perhaps even a grip that resembles that of a sawed off Remington 870/1000 wood grip.

I have found that shooting near 90 degree handgun grips in small shotguns (AOL's or SBS's) is not so comfortable. Even shooting magnum shells in a 18" barrel pistol grip gun I don't find so comfortable. I always preferred sawing off a wood grip off a full sized shotgun shot for that angle that it possesses.

As an aside, while I'm talking about guns I like, a few years ago at a gun show I encountered a legal sawed off Remington 1100, with the wood stock sawed off and an extended magazine. I think he wanted $350 for it. I'd like to build my own such Remington.

But I'm looking forward to this double barreled .45/.410.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


I've been extremely remiss in not remembering my dear friend and noted Houston drummer, the late Orville Strickland. He passed from brain cancer in Houston twenty years ago last January or so. It was early in the year and I'll google later and correct the date if I can find it.

One of Orville's relatives posted some very nice comments HERE on a post about legendary drummer Roy Brooks where I referenced Orville. Since receiving those comments recently, I began remembering some of my times with Orville, and thought I would share them for his family and many friends who might sometime stumble upon this.

I want to do some fact checking and find out some particulars about who he played with over the years. I know he did an album with a band called "The Cheaters" or "Cheaters" and have seen a copy of it years ago.

I'll post more later when I get everything I'd like to say about Orville. I'd love to have some photos of him.

Friday, February 26, 2016


I was really hoping to see Ruger step up to the plate and make a gun in this caliber. I've read where others have requested Ruger build a gun in this caliber for various popular bolt actions like the American series.

The 7.62 x 54r is a great round, and of course it's a very cheap round. It's also an accurate long range round, one befitting the 26" or 28" barrel one would find on a post-Mosin-Nagant Russian sniper rifle in that caliber. I like the PSL rifles, and kick myself for not buying one for about 8 bills a few years ago.

Still, I really don't need a semi-auto in that caliber, I'd like a nice bolt action. And I think the Ruger Precision is a mighty nice candidate for a gun in this caliber with a long barrel.

I really like the Mosins I have, a long one and a M44 carbine. They are what they are. I like the M44 with iron sights for close range hog hunting. 

But I'd really love a MODERN rifle in this caliber and although Savage, Mossberg, Browning, Remington or any other large rifle makers take notice of this, there is a huge market out there for a reasonably priced bolt action in this caliber.

Heck, I'd like to see a Browning BAR in this caliber as well. Or an FN rifle either semi or bolt.

But Ruger would be my first choice. Make it rugged. Make it strong. My Ruger guns have lasted and lasted and lasted.  A nice Ruger Precision with a long barrel in this caliber would be a great thing to see under the tree this Christmas!

Happy New Year!... and how about that Rick Perry?

Yes I'm a Texan and a big Rick Perry fan.  My dear friend and often written about fellow on this blog named Billy Ray is not. 

Rick just got exonerated and you can find the story elsewhere via google news. I'm very happy for former Governor Perry. He's not my bro or anything, but I got to work in his campaigns for many years and got to spend a bit of time talking to him. He always remembered my name, and that of my wife. 

The night I got to spend about 4 hours sitting next to him at a dinner, about a decade ago, he was introduced and took my name tag off for a photo. We talked about his drumming with ZZ Top and Delbert McClinton at President Bush's then recent inauguration. A friend of mine who was there and who is also a good drummer said Governor Rick did a great job on the skins that night, doing several numbers with each band.

After talking for several hours, mostly about drums and drummers, he gave a speech and in the course of the evening probably greeted a thousand people as it was a large affair. At the end of the night, he remembered my name, and I had no name tag on and my date that night, a friend whose husband was ill, had not mentioned my name.

I was highly impressed he would recall my name with all the people he saw that night, after about 4 hours of hearing it once.

I saw him several years later during a legislative session at the Capital. Again, he greeted me by name. That's a great memory, and pundits attack his memory. 

I feel fairly sure, although I am a relative nobody politically speaking and I'm not a big contributor to anyone, that Governor Perry would recall my name were he to run into me at the Apple store or a gas station.

Most of my friends, other than Billy Ray, are very happy for the Governor. Rick, we feel your vindication!