Sunday, September 2, 2018


The Kimber K6 six shot .357 Magnum revolver is a magnificent revolver, and highly impressive for Kimbers foray into revolvers.

I've always had good luck with my Kimbers, except the short kept Solo, which only liked Silvertips and did not like anything but FMJs with the too large extended magazine. Great idea though. Just needs some more engineering.

At the other end of the grip complaint spectrum is the Kimber K6. It's wooden grips are too small, leaving my little finger groping around for a handhold.

Like the Glock Gen 5 problem mentioned in the previous post, I'm sure that Hogue or Pachmayr or some wood grip makers will rectify this problem with a slightly longer grip, and I'm talking right at an inch or slightly less. Not too much at all.

The plastic Kimber grips seem even shorter to me, and although there are several aftermarket wood grip makers making grips for this gun already, they're all the same size as the stock grips.

I have heard that certain S&W J frame round butt Pachmayr grips might sort of fit the K6, but from the pics I saw on a forum it looked like there was a gap at the top of the grip. 

We've been very busy lately but soon, I'll find that pair of J frame Pachmayrs I have around here and see how the fit is.

So heads up Kimber! You're making an excellent revolver. Very heavy duty at a light weight. How about a set of grips that gives me some little finger purchase so I can shoot some hotter loads?

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