Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Continuing on with what I began here at my previous post about the North Carolina visit, I noticed that the old Kate Gosselin "dead possum" hairdo is very popular there. I don't know if they use a dead possum or a BUMP-IT to prop up the hair on the back of their heads, but someone needs to drop a dime on these folks and tell them that it is NOT HAPPENING.

Folks drive much older cars than what you see in most parts of Texas, and although it is green green green with trees and foliage everywhere, there's an aura of depression that hangs over much of the state.

The drivers are horrible there, worse than in L.A. or Houston or Austin. They're mighty fond of tailgating in N.C., although if you are able to pull over for them they often refuse to pass, prefering to shadow you. I don't care much for N.C. drivers. Los Angeles drivers are far more courteous and talented than those in N.C. and that's
pretty sad.

Like they say in The Matrix movies, if you go to N.C., stay off the freeways.

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