Monday, May 17, 2010


Pictures courtesy of imdb.

The man in the bottom picture above, with an innovative AND effective concealed handgun carry system, is Il Duce, the father of the twin McManus brothers who are the Boondock Saints. I totally get the saint part, as it's spelled out in the opening part of the first movie in the priest's sermon. But where the hell did they get Boondocks? They're in the middle of Boston, not out in the Boonies until you hit the sequel, All Saints Day, and it opens with them carrying some very nice sawed off double barrel shotguns (side by side, of course, not some over/under deal, riding horseback and tending their sheep herd on some pastoral and beautiful land in their native Ireland.

In both of the movies, Noah, the twin's long lost father pictured above, wears several different vests that are like the one above when he's heading into shootouts. Lots O' Guns. Lots of them. I'd like to make one of these just for wearing shooting out in the pasture or at any of the places my friends own. I often carry many, or at least several, different pistols to go plinking with when I go shooting with my friends on private property.

So I have never seen these two pieces of wonderful dude films until this weekend. Living in a cave, I know. But as much of a fan I was of the Bronson version of this movie, they do these two differently enough to make them interesting.

It's wide open for a third one, but they had trouble making the sequel financially I read on wiki, so who knows if that's true. All I can say is, they're a great double feature when you feel like escaping into dude-dom.

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