Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The red knives shown at the top are/were made by the German knife company Puma, and called The Sea Hunter. Apparently these have been made for most of my life, yet I just discovered their wonder recently.
The bottom pic shows the Puma White Hunter. I bought one of these for the princely sum of about $50 in the mid-seventies, and what a knife it is. As the next to the bottom picture shows, the tip of the blade has a larger, heavier part near the end. Yes, you can take this knife and chop a frozen good sized mullet in half or more with little or no effort, compared to using even a heavy duty knife like a marine or air force surplus knife. It's the extra bit of weight at the end that gives it the heft and thickness to just demolish whatever your cutting, if that is your desire. As it is with chopping frozen mullet.
So I don't know how the Sea Hunter knife stayed off of my radar screen. Apparently, it may still be available in Europe and maybe if the Euro keeps falling I can get a deal on a new one. Until then, I'll keep searching for a deal on ebay and elsewhere.
What a great knife. The Sea Hunter features a red rubber handle instead of Stag like the White Hunter. I'm thinking there's a Sea Hunter in my future, somehow, someway...

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