Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In doing more research about where these trucks are for sale, they are apparently for sale in most places in the world EXCEPT the good ole' USA. See the picture above of the AMERICAN CAR CITY dealership, located in France, and as evidenced by this plentiful stock of this Landcruiser truck just awaiting purchase by just about everyone in the world BUT ME.
Note that many of the sites that talk about the 2010 hzj79 Landcruiser Truck limit them to "Tropical Export", meaning developing and thirdworld countries, meaning little or no automobile regulations regarding safety and emissions.
More interesting is that Toyota still builds the venerable FJ60, the LandCruiser from about 1982 to 1990. A great body style, a serious drive train and six cylinder workhorse torqe filled engine that will last 250-300k miles with proper care. It apparently is for sale in the EU.
I also threw in the top picture of a nice beach truck (actually set up for artic running) made from a FJ80 series cruiser. One of these would also make a great outdoors 4x4, and they are a hardy vehicle, although heavier than their FJ60 predecessor. But 1990's examples in good condition can be found for decent prices.
The Orange Landcruiser truck is outfitted with a two person sleeper/camper configuration and is what I think is good inspiration for a bay fishing or surf fishing truck that can get through the serious sand and muck (and more importantly, back again) with some sort of self contained shelter for an enjoyable sleep.
In the marshy beachland of Texas, ironically the best fishing months of the year for most sporting and eating species is the hot months of the year. Muggy. Mosquito weather. If you've never camped at the beach, or stayed in a beach house in the dunes near the beach, you know that heavy beach winds are no deterrent at all to the local mosquitos.
So for me, having a nice, airconditioned abode where one can escape the sun occasionally and get a nice relatively bug free sleep is what Billy Ray and I are aiming at. It makes me much more likely to spend more than one night in a sand covered tent, even if the fishing is great.
So a vehicle with a compact and seemingly fairly light weight camping enclosure on this very serious 4wd truck that can handle the extra weight in beach, hill country and swampy terrain is a very attractive thing.
Bummer for the Americans, unless you are the folks at America Car City.


  1. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm sympathizing with the rant on not being able to buy the land cruiser pickup in the US. We just got back from our second mission trip to Nicaragua where for the second time I am coveting that incredible truck! Question: do you know how much they cost and how/if you could import one through Mexico via the PanAmerican Highway???

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    I think it would be cheaper to bring the vehicle via boat, and certainly a million times safer considering the Mexican cartel problems. But that's just me.

    What I do know is that the vehicle has to be brought up to US standards in all ways. This starts at about $2k and can run into the tens of thousands. I spoke to someone knowledgeable about conversions and they guessed it would cost between $12k and $20k to get one made legal at a fair price.

    I translated the price from a Euro dealer I found on the web and it was about $28k for a non-U.S. Legal version, without shipping. I don't know if this is a high price or a low price.

    In any event, it would cost Toyota very little to upgrade to US standards these vehicles at the factory, and I suspect they would sell many of them.

    1. Amen brother. I would like to buy a small/mid sized diesel truck. I also commute with my truck and would appreciate anything over 25mpg. I emailed Toyota and asked if they were planning to import any FJ diesels like in South Africa and they said "...we have directed our focus and energies more towards hybrids and battery electric vehicles for now." Too bad. VW sells a diesel SUV for $50K, INSANE.
      Rey in California

    2. My left hand drive '87 HJ61 was imported from the Canary Islands. Direct injection turbo diesel, factory diff locks, 5 speed manual, full floating rear axle... totally bad-ass and legal in California even, with no smog. Legal to do after 25 years old. See jdmlandcruisers