Saturday, May 1, 2010


I don't get awards very often. In fact, the last one I got was in 1997, related to my work in law enforcement. So when a stellar police officer like Texas Ghost Rider EVEN mentions me on his blog, I feel good.

Read about it here at and check out his blog often. It's in my blog roll to the right side of the screen.

TGR is one of the few people that is actually interested in making the world a better place to be for you and me. So it's an honor to be mentioned by him. 

If you read his post about this award, you'll see I have to post 10 honest things about myself as well as nominate others. I'll do that later this weekend. But for now, here's my description on his blog award post:

The Fishing Musician A blogger from Texas, who enjoys Fishing and the Music World, with a little of this and that thrown in for well rounded stories.

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