Saturday, May 1, 2010


I would highly recommend to all Houston live music fans the web journal of one Noah, who has been performing with the legendary Houston original music group Beans Barton and The Bi-Peds for over two decades. I was actually a big fan of this group (and really, who isn't?) since my early 20's in the 1980's. Now it features such legendary Houston musicians as drummer Wiley Hudgins, Beans Barton hiss own self, Sue Bob, Jimmy Raycraft and others whose names time has erased from my memory. 

Noah responded here   to a way earlier post I made about Evans John and the H-Bombs, an eighties Austin original music band that always had my interest. Back in my single days, when I wasn't playing a gig myself (or even if I was playing a gig, when my gig was over), I spent many a Houston night at various clubs listening to bands that friends of mine were in.

In any event, you can find Noah's web journal here and it's a very interesting read. Go to the profile for Noah and just link on to some of his links, which relate to much of what is Houston's live and original music history for at least the past 30 years.

I noticed in one of his recent posts that Noah was listening to some Herschel Berry, who I've written about before. I WOULD LOVE to have a digital copy of Herschel's first album. Some ex-girlfriend lifted that work of art from my collection over two decades ago, and the massive hole it left still makes me nearly weep when I look at my record collection.

As an aside, one of the nicest people in the world is Noah's sister Lori, an excellent singer in her own right. That's how I met Noah, and his mom, through his sister Lori. Lori was a singer in a band I played with drums in the late eighties, and because I was in law school, working several day jobs, playing in three different hard working Houston bands, had a very ill parent and on top of all that, had an extremely crazy ass girlfriend, I was never able to get to know Lori as much as I wanted to. Lori and her entire family were always SO NICE to me at that very difficult time in my life, and I never really got to express to them how much their friendship meant to me at that juncture of my life. 

I'll be adding Noah's site to my blog roll soon. And if you get the chance to go see Beans anytime in the near future, then by all means do so. And look for the guy running around like a wild man making the coolest light show you've ever seen happen, and then you'll know who Noah is.

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