Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I don't know the model year of the van picured above, but I assume it's somewhat recent vintage. Mitsubishi has made this van for years, and started making and marketing it pretty much all over the world (Except the United States). In 1982 you could get it with 4WD and lift kits and things.

I don't mean to harp on about how other countries do have nice sports utility vehicles and rides available that sell for the $20's new and nothing like them is available in America.

I mention all of this, and feature this van, because having been recently reading the blog African travel journey of a man and his very serious Land Rover converted troop carrier camper. Very serious in the 6WD catagory of vehicle.

But guess what rig rescued the very large Land Rover when it rolled into a dune on to it's side in the big middle of the Sahara? A Mitsubishi 4x4 van. An older model than the one pictured above, probably an 82-85 model, if the source I looked at was correct. In any event, a sub-4x4 righting about an 8 ton three axle Land Rover.

And to me, the impressive thing about the passage across that portion of the Sahara was that the Mitsu van had no issues. In a later crossing of another trecherous desert area with another newfound friend, the blogger's new travel companion is driving a Land Cruiser truck of some sort with a small camper on it (if I recall correctly) and apparently even the Land Rover dude is impressed by the performance of the Cruiser.

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  1. I think that is the 1995 Mitsubishi Space Gear Super Exceed turbodiesel. It was sold to Canada which is where it looks like the pic was taken.
    You can buy any vehicle from overseas provided they meet the minimum safety requirements and are over 15 years old. Best of luck!