Friday, October 2, 2009

Surf's Up, or getting married at the beach

A few months ago in The Crazy Australian, I mentioned how my old friend Paul would be getting married soon. Well, we spoke tonight, and the wedding is on for December. On a nice beach near Sydney, the wedding will be a small affair. Sounds like just the ticket for fun.

And fishing. Although Paul is an extreme sports fanatic, much of his extreme sporting takes place on or near the water, particularly, the surf and the ocean and bays. He lives about an hour out of Sydney, about 15 minutes from the beach in a fashionable area on a bay.

So as I predicted, he will be getting wed on a beach, just not a beach in Fiji as originally planned. That's for the best, because I'd love to see Sydney and it's surrounds with my old friend Paul.

At my beach wedding, although I was in a Tux, Paul, as my best man, wore a nice pair of dark blue Birdwell Beach Britches short swimwear pants, a tuxedo t-shirt and a dark blue dinner jacket. And some of those flip flops made of rubber tubing. And we didn't mind at all. I might add he had a black silk baseball hat on. If he had worn suspenders, he would've looked like a younger Angus Young from AC/DC.

So if I go before the wedding, not only can I see his Mum and some other old friends but I can surely do some killer surf fishing. Paul's already trying to talk me into surfing with him (he has 5 boards) but I have to admit he's likely to be surfing in places this Texas Surf boy couldn't even handle.

I like Port Aransas surf. I grew up surfing in Galveston and Surfside, not enough to be called a surfer but enough where I could stand on a board and ride a lowly Texas wave into shore. Not fancy like, but not looking like an idiot either. Most times I go to Port A, the surf is a bit much for me to handle. Last spring, it was serious surf with some serious waves for Texas.

So I'm thinking I might not be doing any surfing in the "killer" waves they have down under. I'll just go fishing whilst he is surfing.

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