Friday, October 2, 2009

Southwest Fly Fishing

One of my favorite magazines as of late is called Southwest Fly Fishing. You can view the table of contents of their latest issue at It's a trio of magazines that covers fly fishing in the Northeast, the Southwest and the Northwest.

I bought my first one about 3 years ago, and it featured an article about fishing the Nueces River in South Texas. I've been reading them recently and started subscribing this year. The current issue is great, and it has a great feature on fishing the Devil's River in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas.

Although the Trans-Pecos is not much of a fishing area in general, the Devil's River is a fishing mecca, and it has some very large bass, both smallmouth and largemouth, along with catfish and the not often seen Rio Grande Perch.

You can download the issue for free, I believe, as a trial issue. Last month's issue had a great feature on Golden Trout fishing in the California Sierras, another dream trip of mine.

This month, they also talked about fishing in the Mission Beach and Mission Bay areas around San Diego. This article really spoke to me, because about 11 years ago I went there for a week and had a blast. I had perhaps some of the best fishing in my life. I took a deep sea trip back then, and caught more fish AND more types of fish than I've ever caught. It was non-stop fishing action and well worth the money paid for the trip.

I also did some bay fishing on that trip, and caught lots of unusual fish that I don't know the name of just fishing near my hotel at a small Marina.

So the article reminded me of another place I'd like to go back to do some fishing. During the middle of my trip, an El Nino storm blew in, and I was amazed at the huge waves that were coming ashore. It was quite a beautiful area and very fishy.

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