Saturday, October 31, 2009


Another of my favorite artists, Johnny Winter, plays one of these guitars. I beleive Mr. Winter is somewhat afflicted with arthritis, and pretty much plays while sitting down these days. I had the chance to see him a few years ago, and he was just as rocking as he ever was.
This is the guitar that Johnny's been playing for many years now. If you've ever heard it live, you know it's a cross between a Gibson and a Strat. And in the hands of a master, like Mr. Winter, it can sing, cry and soothe.
Mark Erlewine makes these guitars in Austin, Texas, so he's a homeboy and if you're in the market to get a guitar that WILL REALLY lay down those Texas blues, then I don't think you can do better than this guitar. For me, it's hard to be an honest to goodness great sounding Strat or Les Paul, but this guitar does a pretty damn good job of doing it. He's at
I don't own one of these, but I'd sure like to.
There was a version made by Hondo of this guitar, and you can see the link to an ad for it in this forum thread here:
I could have bought a somewhat beat Hondo version of this guitar back many years ago, knowing full well it was nothing like an Erlewine but likely the closest I'll ever get to an Erlewine type guitar. It was in a small town music store and it was overpriced for the used condition it was in. It had an added single coil and mini-switcher so it was similar to the actual Erlewine Lazer. I couldn't get the guy to come off the price, but given what they go for now when they rarely appear, I should've grabbed it.
Like many other guitars I should have bought and collected since the seventies.

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