Sunday, September 27, 2009

Texas River Fishing Lore and Links

Those few of you who read my blogging on fishing and being a musician know by now I like fishing in rivers and creeks. I don't know why that is, except my father and I on many occasions did fish in rivers and creeks. We also fished a lot of lakes, saltwater Texas bays like the Lower Laguna Madre and Galveston Bay. Jetties. Beach and surf fishing in Galveston, Boliver, Matagorda, North Padre and South Padre. On party barges on lakes. Largemouth bass fishing at Lakes Livingston, Conroe, Palestine and Houston.

We fished for trout in Arkansas and Missouri and Colorado. Fished the dark and dangerous looking Suwannee River in Florida. Fished the lake at Disneyworld next to the Contemporary Resort where fish had been stocked in the just newly opened amusement park back in the day. The wide and slow Congaree River in South Carolina, where ominous overtones of Civil War battles can almost be felt in the air, and can been seen in the concrete and steel locks the Confederates built in the river to limit up-river excursions by the Union Army.

I've fished in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as well. In boats and on piers and in the surf. I've fished in the Bahamas for bonefish, and other sorts of fish strange to me.

So I don't know why river and creek fishing holds such an allure for me. Maybe it was those spring breaks spent on the Guadalupe or on the upper Colorado near Bend, Texas, at the old Lemon Springs and Sulpher Springs campgrounds that are now a State Park. We spent much time on the Trinity River as well, both above and below Lake Livingston.

I've taken extended canoe and kayaking trips on several Texas rivers and streams, including the Guadalupe, the Medina, the Colorado and the Llano. There is nothing to me like the feeling of coming around an isolated bend, with no one around, and fishing in a deep pool or fishy looking rapid that hardly, if ever, gets fished.

So I thought I'd post a few links to some other good articles I've come across that talk about some good Texas fishing spots.

Here, Austin American Statesman writer Mike Leggett talks about fishing the Llano up near Mason.

An excellent piece here about Texas Rainbow Trout fishing with a little history on Texas trout stocking.

Here's a blurb about the Perdernales River Nature Park opened last year in Blanco County by the LCRA.

That'll get this new feature going. I've been trying to find an article that was talking about rainbows that are privately stocked in Cypress Creek in Central Texas. I'll keep looking for it.

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