Friday, April 8, 2011


I mentioned a great post the other day talking about the manly art of shooting the Smith and Wesson Model 360PD, a 12 ounce .357 magnum snubnose revolver. It's a handful with real magnum ammo, and in my preference not a bit pleasant to shoot with anything but low power 38 Specials.

I must agree with my friend Max about shooting .357 Magnums, which is that it needs to be a gun made of steel. Not steel and _______, but steel period.

So last night in searching the web looking for a so-called *reasonably priced* Colt Python, I came across this creation that I had not previously seen. And of course, it caught my eye.

A five shot, unloaded at 24 ounces of stainless steel. So you have the thin j frame profile with a 3" barrel. Just the perfect mix between concealment and performance. To me, this is an ideal .357 for concealed carry.

Here's the product information page on this gun:

In colder climes, I would favor the six shot Model 13 with the 3" bull barrel, but the K frame does not lend itself to ready concealment most of the year in Texas. Rather, the Model 60 will conceal in a simple IWB holster like the Bianchi Model 6 quite well. Throw some curved Pachmayr Compac grips on the gun and it would conceal even better in an IWB holster.

The regular Model 60 didn't do anything for me. I like for the ejector rod to be shrouded and that's a big feature on this Pro Series Model 60.

The barrel design is unique but is common to some of the Custom Shop and Performance Center guns coming out of Smith and Wesson right now. The grips are unique and I don't recall seeing that design before. I like it, and it seems like it would fit my hand well based on the scale of the grips to the gun. I'll have to try them and see.

I don't like the adjustable sights they threw on this gun. What is a worthy combat revolver off the shelf goes down several notches with the standard adjustable snag all sights. On several Custom K frame guns in the recent past, Smith and Wesson put the $60 Cylinder and Slide Novak-like adjustable sight replacement for the K frame. Surely this sight could be adapted to this gun. In any event, this gun cries out to be carried for self defense, but holster choice will be crucial so that the sights are covered and not boring a hole in your side or snagging your shirt. 

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