Friday, April 15, 2011


It's almost ten o'clock p.m. here at the El Fishing Musician Ranchette, and there have been no Rooster crows since darkness fell. According to neighbor Michelle, the rooster has been roaming around her yard and she has had to keep her chickens cooped up, cause he's a bit of a mean rooster apparently.

But a Rooster with a healthy fear of dogs because, afaik, he hasn't ventured into our yard, and certainly not when the dogs were outside, for some sort of commotion would undoubtedly have ensued. Likely a bum rush for the back door seeking shelter in the house.

Mrs. El Fisho has taken to calling him Foghorn Leghorn. And a good name that is, for he crows alot. Neighbor Michelle says that the Rooster ventured several streets away in it's roaming today, as she saw it when walking. But apparently, it likes it in Jim's backyard, behind my workshop and shed area.

I don't live in the country, by the way. Here's a picture of Foghorn Leghorn himself strutting across my neighbors large backyard, and he was strutting that strut that Bob Segar sang about so many years ago from my cell phone, and it doesn't do him justice. HE IS a handsome bird, if ever there was one, and he's a big bird. There's no scale for the bird in the shot but he's a big fella. Big enough that I don't plan to mess with him unless I have a long stick or the waterhose and high pressure nozzle in case of a dog attack.

So here he is, in all his glory.

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