Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Iman Al-Obeidi UPDATE

It's day 10 since Iman became known to the world for standing up to torture and rape by some of Libya's finest. I'm not sure exactly what the proper spelling of her name is, nor of many other details as the media has reported her name and many other facts like her age and exact occupation variously. She's somewhere between 26 and 29 and either a law school graduate interning in a Tripoli firm or is going to law school. So if I'm writing her name incorrectly, I apologize. Let me know if you know the correct spelling for sure. I spelled it Eman here WHERE IS EMAN AL OBEIDI? in a previous post, as it is mostly spelled in the Middle Eastern and African news media. But the most prevalent version is Iman, so I'm going with that until I find out different. Such details are unimportant really, in the context of what is going on. I hope that some human rights or sexual assault survivors organization can reach this woman quickly and extricate her and her family to some neutral ground and safe haven where Iman and Apparently, she is alive. Anderson Cooper did a audio interview with her yesterday and although she is neither safe nor sound at this time, she was then not in custody. She detailed that she had tried to flee to Tunesia and was caught and taken back to Tripoli. She is being watched by some security apparatus like the police or military, and apparently has been detained on several occasions and taken to the police station who will not place her in jail because she has committed no crime. She sent a message that she and her people are not radical Islamists and that they just want the same freedoms and rights that we as Americans enjoy in their country. Some kind of self-determination. Who can blame them? I'm so impressed by this woman that if I were rich and had the means to do so, someone like I imagine Ariana Huffington or Donald Trump to be, I'd commission a legal if not surreptitious effect to get her and her family out of Libya and into America. The details of how to do so aside, I hope that someone somewhere can give this lady a safe haven soon.

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