Saturday, April 2, 2011


So to sum up my previous post which was composed of one long paragraph, a problem that I hope does not repeat here, I recently became enamored with the Glock Model 19 Compact 19mm handgun. It is SO accurate and forgiving and SO fun and easy to shoot, even with high-performance Cor Bon ammo, that laughing and smiling is an inescapable part of the equation of shooting the G19. El Fisho Jr., for the past six months, has been shooting the heck out of the like weight Beretta PX4 Subcompact, but only with ball ammo. El Fisho Jr. found some of the hi-po 9mm ammo to be a bit biting for his liking with the Beretta, but finds the same hi-po ammo "amusing to shoot" and "scary accurate" in the G19. I'll note that the G19 is considerably a considerably quieter gun to shoot than the Beretta. So the Glock 19 has become the primary carry gun for the past few months. It is not as easy to conceal as the Glock 36, but I see a compromise as a solution. I recently shot a Glock Model 26, you see, and with the Pearce grip extender, it has about exactly the same perch as the Glock 36 and is just as concealable as the G36. Hmmmmmmmm....

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