Thursday, April 14, 2011


Much to the dismay of my bird dogs, the Rooster is still in the area. Yesterday, he was doing 360 loops around our house and yard. He is smart enough to stay out of our yard, as my bird dogs although acting uncharacteristically cowed outweigh the Rooster many times. The family utility dog, a tiny thing, is the only dog not cowed by the bird.

Today, the bird took up residence in the shade from the foliage and oak trees behind my workshop. He's in the neighbor's yard, and Rooster and dogs are separated by a fence, but the back fence is chain link and they can clearly see him.

The front and other fences are wood, but with enough space the dogs can see outside. This morning, the Rooster was pacing in front of the wood fence that splits our back and front yard. I've watched Rooster fly/jump up and over fences and he's quite mobile. It appears for now he has taken up semi-permanent residence behind the workshop in Jim's yard, and his crowing is pretty much all day now.

I see him grubbing for worms and bugs and such in the dirt, and neighbor Jim put some water out for it. But neighbor Jim has HUGE grand-bird dogs that often visit with his kids on the weekend, and they might not be intimidated like my brave warrior dogs are.

So the Rooster crisis, as far as my dogs are concerned, continues.

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