Sunday, April 17, 2011


He's a hard subject to get close to in order to photograph. He sees me coming and he hauls Rooster tail, clucking about having to get moving from his shady spot. Here he is in his mid-day shady spot behind my shed but in the neighbors yard with a wood fence twixt he and my dogs.

My dogs have not barked once in six days at this strange and mysterious creature. In the meantime, they have barked at squirrels, the neighbors various cats, the dogs of the neighbors, dogs being walked down the street and several folks in a car with a boom-boom-boom stereo cruising down the street late at night. Good dogs on the last one especially.

So the Rooster has instilled something more than fear into them, and I think it is respect. They've never seen a Rooster mauling, and I caution them when messing with possums and snakes and they have no fear of a possum or snake, which is bad. So it's curious to me that this Rooster has instilled a quiet watching behavior in them and they are curious about it and watch it.

Still, the non-barking is unusual, and also the reason the Rooster has chosen neighbor Jim's backyard for it's new stomping grounds.

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