Saturday, April 16, 2011


You can tell much better the devastation that an automatic electric airsoft gun can reek on a paper target. A shelf made of somewhat durable plastic was behind where El Fisho Jr. was shooting and several of his plastic pellets knocked some clean holes in something I would have thought airsoft wouldn't penetrate.

No biggie, it didn't hurt the shelves and it certainly was no fault of El Fisho Jr.'s but that is some power coming out of a airsoft gun. All the more reason for safety glasses/facemask and safety gear at all times, with all guns, be they airsoft, bb, pellet or a firearm.

Some of those holes are mine, and I'll have to take blame for the off target strikes in the neck area on both sides of the AK wielding attacker. I was machine gunning back and forth and well, sometimes it's hard to see where the pellets are striking on paper targets, as we were about 20 feet away or so.

Not bad shooting at t'all.

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