Wednesday, April 20, 2011


First I wrote here about combination rifle/shotguns COMBINATION RIFLE/SHOTGUNS and then Zach over at The Next Chapter wrote about how I allegedly inspired him to buy another combo rifle/shotgun here

Credit where credit is due. Zach inspired me to get off my duff and do something about finding a combo rifle/shotgun. I finally found one yesterday, and as soon as the deal is finalized, I write more about it. It's a Savage 24D model in .22lR/20 gauge. I am still interested in one of several calibers over a 12 gauge (.223, .30-30, .30-06, .308) but for now this will get me started. It's a good varmit gun as well as for certain small game, although I really don't hunt small game. For us, it'l be for plinking and perhaps some varmit control when that Skunk comes back.

But as for credit being due where credit is due, check out this great gun of Zach's that inspired me to think about what I wrote in the first place. I happened across it when I was surfing for information on combination rifle/shotguns. How cool is this?

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  1. El Fisho, thanks for the kind words, but I enjoy reading your blog much mored than I do writing mine ;)

    As fate would have it, today I ran across a Savage 24C .22 / 20ga... and... durn it all anyway... I am going to have to take a pass on it... my wallet is far too thin. You have awaken the Savage beast in me...