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Back in November of last year, I posted the query WHAT HAPPENED TO THE UPSIDE-DOWN SNUBNOSE SHOULDER... (HOLSTER)?

Thanks to an anonymous poster, today I now know this style holster is being made by C. Rusty Sherrick Holsters. Here's a link to the article description with a picture of his holster and here is a copy of the article description for this holster:

Patrick Johnakin Brown Shoe Corp. Muzzle Up Shoulder Holster: A carry system popular in the 60's brought back after numerous requests from officers who used this holster. Spring loaded closed, just pull the weapon. Ultra safe, very fast, and extremely comfortable. J frame & Colt Cobra.
Price: $185.00
Available in cordovan, brown and black.

Wow! That's a mouthful of a name for a shoulder holster. At first, I thought whoever had posted the response to the above post was messing with me, due to the long name of this article. But no, it is real. And after doing some web surfing, I found out that Mr. C. Rusty Sherrick does make some very cool holsters.
You can go here to his website and see just a bunch of great holster designs.
It's worthy of note that his website indicates he is has several holsters currently available for the FN Five-seveN pistol. His site also indicates he is the holster maker for the elite LAPD SIS unit. Mr. Sherrick makes some mighty fine looking concealment and field holsters, all made in Horsehide. I realize there exists some debate about cowhide vs. bullhide vs. horsehide vs. exotic type materials for holsters, but I do own several horsehide holsters by other makers which I've been quite pleased with and which have stood the test of time quite well.
Here's Rusty's introduction about his holster making operation, and I think he says it better than I could:
My introduction to custom holster making came from a long friendship with Ken Null, one of the elite holster makers in the world. Later I met Skip Gockenour director of the American Tactical Shooting Association and N.T.I., who by his input has provided me with good ideas, sound advice and tactfully direct critique of the gear I am making. A number of other professionals have also allowed me to draw on their years of experience, namely Chief Mike Vial, Sergeant Jim Ward, Corporal Bob Laughner, Pennsylvania State Police Executive Protection Unit, Bill Chiarchiaro, and many more. In the future I will continue to listen and draw from these people because of the practical information stemming from all of their experience. All of my holster are made only from horsehide because it is tougher and denser than any other type of natural materials being used. The holsters are thin and light even when the doubling is necessary. The beauty of the molded and boned horsehide is unsurpassed. If I can be of service whether it is an item on the web site or an idea of your own design, please contact me.

C. Rusty Sherrick
I'm pretty sure I'll be trying out a Sherrick holster before the end of the year. If you've got one, feel free to comment and let me know how you like it.

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