Saturday, January 16, 2010


You can see a great picture of an older Taurus model 85 here.

I have a gun identical to this, actually it was one of my father's guns. From the sixties, he often favored guns like Taurus and H&R although he owned numerous Smith and Wessons and Colts. He just liked the way that Taurus revolvers shot.

One of his favorite guns was a pearl handled square butt nickle plated Taurus six shooter from the sixties chambered for .38 special with a 3" tapered barrel. It was about the size of a S&W N frame revolver, the ones that were popular in the fifties.

But the link to the snubbie shown above is identical to my Dad's. My father's pistol is a deep dark glossy blue, and it has the same extended grip as shown in the picture. It is almost exactly the same size as the Smith and Wesson J frames, except the Taurus features s shrouded ejector rod, making it appear somewhat akin to a cross between a J frame and the Colt Detective Special.

It features a wide serrated combat trigger and a wide stippled combat hammer, nice features on a snubbie.

I always enjoy shooting this gun. It has very reasonable recoil, in part due to the grip size and in large part due to the all steel construction, coming in at a very reasonable 21 ounces. Weight helps eat that recoil in most guns, folks.

I love carrying my S&W model 38 or my Colt Cobra when it's hot, as they weigh less than guns like the Taurus, but when the weather and attire afford it, I like to carry this old carry gun of my Dads.

Taurus makes a great revolver. I'm just glad this one is so old that it doesn't have the hammer lock safety lock on it.

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