Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello Glock!

I've been an owner of your fine pistols since 1992. I bought a Model 21 as soon as I could find one. I shot thousands of rounds through it in pistol competions of different types. It never let me down.

A few years ago, I bought a Glock Model 36 used. It's a great pistol as well. It jammed on me twice recently, but I'm prone to thinking it was the particular cheap ball ammo I was using, basically new ammo but just one step above reloads. I noticed a great inconsistency in recoil in this box of ammo, some seemingly very hot and some seemingly underpowered.

In any event, I'm having it checked out this week by a Glock armorer, and I'm not worried. With the brand of Federal hollow point low recoil high dollar ammo that I've been using in the gun, I've fired hundreds of rounds with no jams.

The point is this, Glock:

I know PR and those types at your company have email google alerts on Glock and the like. I have a couple of product suggestions for Glock, and from what I've read around the web on various forums (including Glock Talk) and from talking to fellow Glock users and fan club members over the past 20 years, I know you've heard them before.

Nonetheless, I perservere.


It should be thinner than you did with the Model 36, which, as a .45 is fine as it is and understandably thick.

But do like Walther did with the PPS: LESS THAN AN INCH THICK. Give us that familiar glock action just thin down that slide assembly and the frame it's mounted on. Single stack. Nice thin grip and frame. The most important reduction needs to be in the slide department: it needs to be less than 1" thick. I know you at Glock can do it!

In addition to the Walther PPS, other imitators, cough cough Smith and Wesson M&P, cough cough Taurus, cough cough Springfield Armory. You know what I mean.

But several handgun makers have been successful in slimming down some compact carry 9mm pistols recently, and although I really don't want to buy most of these products, if they can do it, I KNOW Glock can do it. Kel Tec. Kahr. I know they are great guns, but they are not for me.

It doesn't have to be super lightweight. A little mass adds a lot of recoil absorbing ability. But that mass doesn't have to be in the HUGE width of the slide. A compact grip on a Model 19 slide is not going to be happening or exciting, nor will it make me want to ebay other stuff or use hard earned dollars to snap one up ASAP like a truly nice slim. Think Walther PPS as to the full sized P99 as compared to a slim Glock 9mm vs the full sized 19.


While you're at it, make a dedicated .22 caliber Glock for women who don't like larger calibers and do like Glocks. Yeah, it's not an ideal defense round in many ways, but lots of folks who don't like shooting big guns have .22's in nightstands, coat pockets, purses and gloveboxes to keep away the boogie man.

Again, I'm not talking a conversion kit on an exisiting model. Shrink that bad boy in size, including width, to 2/3 full size. Think Walther P22 as to the full sized P99. It doesn't have to be as slim as the single stack carry nine mentioned above, but a smaller grip would be nice.

For the full size version of the Glock 22., a key feature would be a high capacity magazine that would hold 20 or so rounds. Make an extended high capacity magazine (not unlike the 33 round ones available for the Model 19 and 18) that extends beyond the grip an inch or two) for some extra shooting fun. Throw an extended threaded barrel on it for silencer use like the Sig Sauer Mosquito and you've got a very cool, and very marketable Glock.

Get those young shooters hooked on Glocks with some Glock .22's.

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