Friday, January 1, 2010


If you occasionally stop by here to read, you've noticed an increasing posting of articles related to concealed carry, weapon pros and cons and a general "pro-police" attitude towards crime and criminals. You'll see that continue and probably increase. I've been an avid shooter of firearms since before I was a teen, and have been reading about various handguns and the like since about that time as well.

Although the title of this blog is The Fishing Musician, like most of you, I'm so much more than that. I don't fish for a living, and have never really made anything playing music, expecially when one considers the cost of the instruments (as with guns, guitars, drums, cymbals, amps and fishing gear), I like fine stuff. I like nice stuff. When possible, I like Texas stuff, then US made stuff and if what I want isn't made here, I at least TRY to find some product where at least it is a US owned company even if the product is made overseas. I "likes" stuff that'll last me.

Although my job involves law enforcement, I don't blog about that much except to the extent of gun, ammo, holster, self-awareness and carry methods since that has a cross connection to everyday life (if you believe in LE officers and CHL holders having the right to carry weapons).

I've seen and lived stuff I wish I hadn't, but I'm proud of the things I've done and the things I do professionally in helping to keep this State and Nation a better place to live. I love going to work one day, but my other passions such as fishing and music making and music listening are as compelling to me as my career, if not more so because I do them far less than I would like.

But guns and shootinghave been an integral part of my life, and since fishing and guns really goes together pretty well, as does occasionally {legally and illegally} guns and musicianing. Again, I'm not much of a hunter, but I've been known to help rancher and farmer friends in the eradication of wild hogs of various types LARGE and small in numerous Texas counties over the years. Rice farmers especially get hit hard by hogs and althought the over-population of deer is annoying and sometimes dangerous (i.e deers + cars = no good), hogs can downright destroy crops and small farm animals in a viscious strike.

Herds of hogs in the wild can be a beautiful thing but not if your work or property is at the receiving end of them.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an expert at any of this stuff, be it law, or law enforcement, or guns or concealed carry or self-defense or fishing gear or tactics or any of this stuff. Particularly, as a lawyer, I probably need to say that nothing I say here is to be construed as legal advice. No attorney client relationship has been formed.

But I like guns, particularly certain types of guns, and I'm going to do a lot more writing about the subject of guns and associated matters in the future.

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