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I stumbled upon this particular company a few months ago, while looking for a concealment belt holster for my Glock 36. It was priced right, and after examining the holster I decided it was a good quality stiff holster. I've put in some time with this holster since buying it in late October, and apparently this is a smaller company. I paid about $38 bucks for a nice belt slide holster, but you can actually get them cheaper online with free shipping via UPS from the company in Miami.
Here's the link to their site where you can order your own holster
I didn't buy the holster because it was called "The Quick Draw Belt Holster", as I'm not so interested in a quick draw as I am a very secure concealment holster that makes you not feel you are dragging a handgun around with you and that pulls the butt of the gun close to the body.
The website says the holsters are made by various South American leathersmiths, to-wit:

"Only the highest quality of workmanship is reflected in our products. We take great pride in the work of our skilled artisans, as only generations of experience and Tagua GunLeather can bring you."
For many years skilled leather artisans all over South America have had fewer and fewer jobs due to mass-producing machinery and assembly lines. Their skills and talents have remained dormant until now. Tagua Gunleather is a newly founded company that has searched the continent for these skilled artisans and has brought back the tradition of hand crafting leather in the old fashioned way.
Tagua combines generations of artisan expertise and experience in handcrafting only the finest quality leather products. We use only selected materials in our products. Our choice of leather comes from range grown, toughened cattle so the natural markings make each and every product unique. Our designer's choice of hardware gives Tagua products a sophisticated elegance as well as durability for long lasting protection of your firearm. Comfort and convenience is an important factor that we consider when making each Tagua product. Refined edges, reinforced padded support, and versatile straps are the final touches for your carrying comfort. Exquisitely detailed and unique leather products are what Tagua is committed to give you at a price that you can afford. Our objective is to unveil and deliver to you a product that is made with heart and hands, not bury the treasure of skilled craftsmanship with high prices. The value of acquiring the best is not defined by paying outrageous prices for a product but by evaluating the product itself for its look, durability and quality. It's why Tagua delivers only the best at the best possible price.
I mostly try to buy American products by American craftsman. However, occasionally I will indulge in a product made elsewhere if it appears to be a quality product. It's just a fact of life right now that the economy blows and that folks like me, and probably you, don't have a lot of spare change for extras. So when I can get just an absolutely excellent product like this for less than $40 bucks and know that it's not made in China or some far eastern locale, but in South America, I feel better about that.
Seriously, this is a well made holster. Check them out at the next gun show you attend or at a store who sells them. My holster has kept it's stiffness (to my mind, necessary for gun retention, ease of reholstering and for concealment), yet is conforms easily to my middle-aged bodily contours and conceals my model 36 Glock (which is a thick gun) quite well.
I highly recommend them.

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