Saturday, July 3, 2010


TGR, big city lawman who protects us from really bad guys, rescued an owl over at his place, and got it to a rescue group that could fix it's broken wing.

Good going, dude! The Owl

Being a True Texas Hero isn't hard. There's lots of different examples everyday.

Guys like TGR, saving a very cool animal and getting it treatment so it will live in the wild again.

A Governor who puts up with a silly, liberal media when he dispatches a coyote who is attacking his lab pup he is jogging with. The Honorable Rick Perry uses a lightweight Ruger .380 to takeout the creature, and liberal pundits come out of the woodwork to attack him. Too bad his liberal pundits are the ones who are against citizens carrying guns. A Governor in Texas should carry a gun. Damn right!

I mean, does the liberal media and their ilk forget that just a few months ago, some heinous criminal burned down much of the Governor's Mansion? Yeah, even though he has a security detail, there will be times where he is alone without them, or something bad could happen to his bodyguards. I like the fact that our Governor carrys heat.

The schoolteacher and public servants, particularly in the LE field, who go the extra mile to make sure your kids are educated and your family safe. The kind of people who view their careers as a calling and not a job.

The crime victim who fights back or the crime victim seeks a full exercise of their crime victim's rights under Texas law. They deserve to have the system work properly without politics or apathy. Our police deserve the same from our system of justice.

I could go on, but there are lots of heroes in this State.

But today, here's to a True Texas Hero, TGR!

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