Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't get buck fever, and I'm not much of a hunter these days, although in my youth we did a large amount of bird hunting. But I do get fishing fever quite often, and since I enjoy lots of different kinds of fishing, I get variations of fevers for different kinds of fishing.

I've been blessed to have done a large amount of fishing already this year. Going back to the beginning of 2009, I've done a ton of fishing in several different parts of the state and nation. I've done lots of saltwater fishing these past two years, which has been great, and I've also gotten to do a fair amount of freshwater fishing.

I've got a friend who has a friend who has a riverfront cabin on the Colorado below Austin. My friend who has the friend who owns the cabin says he can get the cabin for us to use anytime, and wants to have a few friends out do to some trotlining, some bank fishing and some drinking over a night or two once it cools down a bit. My friend is a really nice guy, and says that this place has a nice sloping bank ideal for fishing and landing/launching a small boat. Some of the other parts of the riverfront on the property have a deep dropoff at the waterline, which can also mean good fishing.

There's nothing like spending the night outdoors at a nice fishing camp. A place like this, with an air conditioned respite nearby with a facility makes it all the better. My friend Trotlining David would like to bring his small metal fishing boat out there and run some trotlines down the river in that part. He's convinced there are some nice fish and some big fish in some of those deep bankside holes on the river.

There would be an opportunity to train some lights out on the water powered by the house to possibly attract some game fish like black bass and other fish like crappie and white drum. We could have a rousing campfire providing light and a great atmosphere and a gathering point, as well as providing light for the camp.

Hogs, snakes, coyotes and other critters are sometimes found at the edges of such nocturnal fishing camps, so a sidearm is a nice thing to have handy. A rifle for hogs and a shotgun for snakes are nice things to have handy at the camp as well. I like having a gardening hoe down near the water in case I spy a snake close by and don't want to make a bunch of noise shooting him.

It's been awhile since I've stayed up all night fishing on a river, running a few trotlines and fishing from the shore.

I got the fever.

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