Sunday, July 18, 2010


Some years ago, probably in the 90's, Galati Int'l made a great rig for home defense. It was a large nylon holster with an extra mag pocket on the front of the holster. It had some sort of single strap on it where you could don it like a shoulder bag if the strap was hung over one shoulder, or the gun would rest in the lower front of the torso if the strap was worn across the body.

It doesn't have two straps like a regular shoulder holster. This is a holster designed to be worn like a small purse, or if strap across torso, sorta like one of those shoulder holsters for HUGE Alaskan hunting handguns that resides on the front of the body, over the lower front abdomen.

A friend has one of these, who got it with a very nice Taurus 92F clone when he bought the gun from an estate 10 years ago or so. My friend lives in the country, and can keep the gun + extra mag hanging off a hook nearly anywhere. That gun, I believe, hangs in the coat closet, in case trouble strikes.

I'd like to have one of these but I don't see them in Galati's current catalog. I would only make two alterations with it. I'd have my friend with the heavy duty sewing machine add a flashlight holder to the side, so that if you went reaching for your gun you'd have a flashlight too.

I suspect this holster was bought back in the 90's, when the person from whose estate the gun was bought was very active in hunting and camping and shooting. I suspect they sold new for under $20.

I'd like to have one.

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