Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've been getting quite a few comments on old posts lately. Thanks to all those who are writing in. And I must whole-heartedly agree that Rod De'Ath is indeed a madman on the drum kit. His work with Rory influenced me (I'm not near as good or fast as he was but I stole whatever my chops would let me, pretty much beginning in my junior high years and continuing to this day. I'm always hearing nuances or phrases I had not heard before in different Rory tunes that Rod plays on, and the IRISH TOUR '74 remains one of my favorite all time DVD's out there.

I write a lot about material objects that go along with fishing and shooting and playing drums and guitar, but really my life is not about all that stuff. I've been blessed with great friends and great family and a great childhood, and material things come and go. The friendships endure, many for 40 years.

But I have stumbled on some cool things in my life that make my favorite pursuits more enjoyable, reliable and and with some good memories of past conquests with these reels. My tips on reels and rods and guns and holsters and guitars and amps and drums and cymbals and music and more are just opinions of mine.

Everynow and then I have a political rant that I usually delete soon after writing it.

I pretty much don't write about what I do for a living, and really shouldn't be broaching religion or politics. That's not what I'm about anyway. Most politics is local, Tip O'Neill once said, and I'd add that damn near 90% of politics is bullshit.

So thanks for stopping by!

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