Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've got the opportunity to do a trade for an FEG P9R, as I wrote about here, GUNS, GUNS AND MORE GUNS , which was also rebranded for Mauser as the 90DA. Same Same. There were also probably some other rebrands by importers like KBI and Interarms, but their name escapes.

The gun is in about 90% exterior condition, but the interior is not worn at all. This gun has not been shot much. It comes with two factory 14 round mags. The springs are tight, the DA trigger pull is excellent and the SA pull has a bit of travel in it but very predictable. My friend is having our smith work on the SA trigger as we speak, as he has some experience with this gun. It won't be target quality, but it will be combat ready.

I'm intrigued by this gun. Resembling a Browning Hi Power on the outside, save for a slide mounted safety and a slightly squared trigger guard, it has fatter and different grips than the BHP. The mag release is slightly different on the interior of the guns, so mags are not interchangeable. However, there are mags available for it, but promax mags get a lot of bad ink on the internets unless a Browning BDM follower replaces the Promag wobbley follower.

The firing mechanism is derived from the Smith and Wesson Model 59 mechanism. One picture on the web shows them side by side, and it looks identical. That's good, because the M59 was a very safe pistol with a great history of working well and reliably.

I've shot several boxes of shells through one of these that a friend owned, way back in the early 90's. It shot well, particularly at defense distances from 5' to 25'. I could hit within a 12" circle at 25 feet at dusk with dark sights shooting double action mode at about a 12" black target.

In any event, I've been wanting some kind of DA/SA 9mm to plink around the place with, and my friends places, because 9mm ammo is still cheap.

I need to know what holsters will fit this gun. Primarily a leather belt holster, similar to an Askin's Avenger, and a leather IWB holster. I've heard that some BHP holsters won't fit the P9R because of the P9R's more squared trigger guards, but some will. I'm thinking a 1911 holster might fit, as well as a HKP7 Askins Avenger that I modified years ago to take both a BHP and a Colt Commander. I've also got the Askins I modified to fit the Glock M36, but then scored a new-old-stock (NOS) Askins that fits the 36 perfectly (made for the M19)

So I know I can fashion a nice OWB holster for this gun, but what about the IWB holster. I wrote High Noon today, and we'll see what they say. It looks very similar in size with a CZ75B with a similar trigger guard, and somewhere in my surfing it seems like I read that a holster for a Beretta 92 will fit it well. I can't seem to find that post now and didn't mark it.

So I'd be happy if any FEG'ers stumble across this site and have any sage advice to give about holsters for other guns that fit, about where to get some non-promag magazines, what ammo works good in your experience and is there any particular Pachmayr or Hogue or other rubber grips that can be modified/adapted/just happens to fit that will work with this gun?

I need to know.

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  1. Fobus BR-2 Fits this gun. also any Browning Hi power grip will fit. some may need tweeking with a file. Good luck.