Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I consider the Colt Cobra to be one of the ultimate snubnose revolvers available. It weighs 15 oz, just a tad more than the S&W airweights, but holds one more round. I've always liked the trigger of Colts better than that of the S&W.
This fine handgun hasn't been made since the early 1980's. When I was a young officer, it was the first off-duty carry weapon I purchased. Several years later, I had the chance to trade a 13 shot .380 Beretta model 84 for another fine specimen exactly like the first one I bought new. I think I'm covered for the remainder of my days as far as Cobras go.
This pistol is an exact duplicate of the heavier Detective Special, another Colt mainstay that hasn't been made for years. Excellent used examples of both the Cobra and the Detective Special can be had used from about $500 to $700, so they are a bargain as far as used Colt revolvers are concerned. Pythons and Diamondbacks are selling for above $1200 used, and often more.
The Cobra gets a five star recommendation from El Fisho.


  1. Saw a blued version in a pawn shop in Fl recently tagged $600 in excellent condition felt good in my hand -I'm considering the LCR due to the +P advantage- But again even though the colt is OLD it still looked GOOD!

  2. Since you don't know me from Adam, here's some more info regarding what I had forgotten about my Cobra, namely, being what a pleasure (even with the large wood grips as shown above) it is to shoot.

    You can find it here at THE CULT OF THE COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL AND THE COL..., or on the home page of this blog, a recent post from this year.

    What a great shooting gun. I'm trying to unload several pistols that I have and would really like to have an (all steel) Detective Special to add to my Cobra.

    I've even thought about getting one to pimp out for carry, with some gold plated parts (hammer, trigger, cylinder release and ejection rod). I think I could make it look sharp and not gaudy...LOL

  3. Got my colt cobra today! F series 1974 I checked on proofhouse I've cleaned it up and its a beauty
    Your sight is great and love the snubnose files as well. I may have a line on a thunder ranch S&W 325 that I'm checking out. I may be turning into a revolver man :)

  4. Congrats Alain! And thanks for being so kind.

    You'll love this gun. There are tons of great holsters and grips for this gun from way back when on ebay. For concealability, nothing like the stock wood grips. But I also like the larger diamondback sized grips (which also fit the cobra and detective special as all are "D" frame Colts).

    I hope you enjoy shooting it and carrying it as much as I do. Thanks so much for the very kind words and yeah, I was JUST TODAY reading about several different versions of the TR 325 in American (one with fixed rear sight and one with adjustable. I'd go for the fixed, myself) and that is one hell of a combat weapon.

    I've owned two Model 25 way many years ago, both with 6" barrels. Both of those guns had combat hammers and triggers with smooth actions to match. It was comparable to my Python.

    No doubt the custom shop could put a sweet action on a gun like that!