Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One great trout fishing place to be in Texas in February

One place I won't get to be this trout stocking season is in the town of Utopia at the Utopia Park Lake. They'll be stocking late in the season, on February 16. 2010. It's a nice little lake.

Utopia is just east of Garner State Park, north of Uvalde, west of Bandera and northwest of San Antonio. Smack dab in the middle of some very nice rivers like the Sabinal, the Nueces and the Frio. I've never caught many fish on the Frio, but the Nueces has always had good fishing.

It's a beautiful area, there are tons of memorable drives and rides in the area. I once very nearly almost had Mrs. Fishing Musician convinced to allow us to purchase a picturesque cabin on a high cliff located above what is known as the Dry Fork of the Frio River, which is any thing but dry. It is often a strong running creek that would be a challenge to swim across, although there are eddys and slow spots along it's route.
You can read about my failure to get my bride excited about this little slice of heaven I had found. REAGAN WELLS

You can read about Utopia here at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopia,_Texas

There is lodging available in the area. Motels, hotels, cabins and campgrounds abound within a 25 mile area of the Lake. Billy Ray and I are older now. We appreciate a nice hot shower on a cold blustery day,

It would be a nice place for a mid-week trip to catch the stocking occur.

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