Thursday, November 12, 2009


Located, appropriately enough, in Bradford, Texas. Just about 18 miles north of Palestine in Anderson County, heading north along State Highway 19 towards Athens, you pass through the small community of Bradford. Located there, in what appears to be a converted and extended gas station, is a delightful cafe.

I ate there the other day when I was passing through with a friend who lives in that general area. Not only do they make FINE old fashioned hamburgers, the breakfast is the shizz-zazz too. Daily specials as well, it was ribs, mashed potatos (which were fine, by the way, creamy and light), black eyed peas and squash.

My friend says the chicken fried steak rocks.

Our waitress was quite nice and I could see another lady cooking back in the kitchen. They're doing it right out there in Bradford, so if you're ever passing by this area, take a stop by the Bradford Cafe.

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