Saturday, November 14, 2009


The Statesman had a great article on a reunion of Aquarena Springs employees. It's a great read if you ever visited there as a child like I did.

Here's some pictures from the Statesman site:

We took several mini-family vacations there in my childhood. We'd stay at the hotel there on-site and do the park for a day then head on to some other nearby attraction. If course, I was already an budding fisherman by at least 7 years old, and was a serious fisherman by the time I was 9. You couldn't fish at the springs, and there were HUGE fish of all types that swam around the deep pools in the amusement park area that could readily be seen. Possibly some world record fish in there.
We'd always go fishing further down the river, and I must admit I had some good times catching lots of bass and catfish on the San Marcos River during my teens and twenties. It's one of my favorite rivers to fish, and to float.
But mainly, many years after I first laid eyes on the headwaters of the San Marcos River at Aquarena Springs and the huge population of fish that lived in that area, I still would love to fish that spring. If I were a millionaire, I'd certainly offer a healthy donation to Texas State University (who now owns Aquarena Springs) for a few chances to have an all weekend long private fishing camp for some of my closest friends.
Many of my fisherman friends in the range of my age to ten years older and younger visited the fish filled Aquarena Springs in their youth, marveling at the huge bass and catfish and the plentiful amounts of both, along with a myriad of other river fish. We'd have a time, a good time.

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