Saturday, November 28, 2009


As I've noted in previous posts the past week or so, Texas Rainbow Trout stocking is imminently upon us. Beginning on December 2nd (Tom Bass Park in South Harris County slightly northwest of Pearland), it appears that the cold front that I read is coming in tomorrow and that will be lasting until Thursday or so will be right on time.

As I've noted many times, in my 35+ years of Texas stocked Rainbow Trout fishing every winter and early spring, I have absolutely found the colder the better as far as hungry and frisky Rainbows. So next week should be prime.

Billy Ray and I have a slight window Thursday and Friday of this week, and if I can talk Mrs. El Fisho into letting me take a day off from work to hit one of several locales that Billy Ray and I have picked out in Central Texas, I'll get some of that action.

This will largely depend on the temperatures, not only of Mrs. El Fisho but of the weather. If it gets too hot, I'll just wait on another cold front when the fish are likelier to be more active.

Also, the sad news that Rollover Pass will soon be closing should motivate all those Texas fisherman who have either fished there before or who have never fished there to scoot on down there el pronto and do some fishing.

I talked to Billy Ray about it today, and he of course was as crestfallen as I. He grew up on the East Side of Harris County, near East Galveston Bay. We didn't discuss whether he had fished there as a youth but I suspect he did at one time or another. He does know of it's importance to the East Bay ecosystem, and it's been on our short list for several years as a place we need to go fishing when there is one of the many "runs" that often occur, of fish like grouper, flounder and so many more species.

In any event, as Marvin Zindler used to say, "do whatever makes you happy." For me, that often involves fishing, and I've got cabin fever after this summer's drought like nobody's bidness. I've done a little fishing lately, but not enough.

How much fishing is too much?

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