Thursday, November 12, 2009


I want a Corvette. Not a new one mind you, but I've got several friends who have scored some immaculate and low milage Vettes recently that have me, once again, hankering for a Vette.

I've owned several great cars in my time. The 70 Mustang Mach One with 351 Cleveland. The 1978 Z-28. The 1983 Toyota Supra. And many other fine cars and trucks and suv's.

But with raising a family came safe cars and suv's and dogs and family vacations and all of those other things I love about my life. But with some room now for an extra vehicle, I have to admit I've been pining to get some kind of a sports car. A used one, mind you, reasonably priced and in good condition. Several of my friends have recently bought Vettes of late 90's vintage with low miles and in just pristine condition for very reasonable amounts of money.

Some type of sports car is in my future. I'm a grandpa driver for the most part, as the wife says, but I do enjoy the feel and fun of driving a nice handling car. I really would like to get a Corvette. It's my equivolent of a middle-aged Harley thing.

More to come on this later...

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