Tuesday, January 15, 2013


A few years ago, TAKEN, the first movie starring Liam Neeson was released. I first read about that movie on my good friend A.J. MacReady's now-defunct blog. It was  a great blog, and I had just started blogging then. I blogged for awhile, then pulled the plug for a few months, then returned as The Fishing Musician.

As I recall, and I recall this well, A.J. posted about how he had seen his doctor and his doctor had told him to relax. So he went home with kids in school and wife at work and watched and enjoyed Taken.

So I watched it and found it to be a movie that I got very involved emotionally in. I could feel, as a father, the gut-wrenching pain of Neeson's character. Mind you, I've not paid that much attention to the movies Neeson had done prior to Taken, but I've since watched numerous of his films, and I generally enjoy his work.

We were real busy last year when TAKEN 2 was in the theaters so I didn't get to see it or any number of movies that looked halfway interesting. It's like for every 100 or so movies there's one that I like nowadays.

So I watched Taken 2 this evening and once again, found myself a bit angst ridden as I watched it, despite the fact I had read some reviews on it and more or less knew what happened. Nonetheless, I was involved, and that's the point of good cinema. Escape for a few minutes in the drama of it all.

So Taken 2 accomplished it's purpose.

Interestingly, I have not bought Taken in the past few years, despite the fact it's an excellent movie. There have been other great movies that inspired angst in me that I've never bought. And frankly, I haven't had the urge to watch Taken lately, despite seeing it in some cheaper dvd sales racks over the holidays. I found myself almost reaching for it, and then not grabbing it, despite the fact that good triumphs evil somewhat in the first Taken.

But I did want to see the sequel, and I'm glad I did.

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