Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know several of my friends already think I'm a shill for LUCKY GUNNER DOT COM, an outstanding online ammo and shooting accessory sales company, but I'm not. But I'm a highly satisfied customer.

Here's another example of why I recommend Lucky Gunner. A friend of mine is attending a police academy, one of the regional ones in Texas that trains police for smaller jurisdictions who can't afford to have their own academy.  One of the requirements is that the students provide 1000 rounds of practice ammo in forty caliber.

Which until a couple of weeks ago was no big deal. Although they don't need it for another month or so, my friend wisely decided to start shopping after discovering that none of the area gun stores or ammo dealers had ANY forty caliber ammo. None. Zip. Zero.

She mentioned it to me the other morning and I suggested Lucky Gunner. I explained that they have a real time inventory system, so you can't order it if it's not in stock.  She got online right then an THERE WAS A TON  of .40 caliber ammo available. She quickly bought 1000 rounds for a great price. She's very happy and now has one less thing to worry about.

I still have not gotten to test the ammo they kindly sent me. The duties of fatherhood, the family, the holidays, traveling, seriously rainy weather and other complications have thwarted my shooting outings on three separate occasions since Turkey Day.

I'm looking forward to doing some .44 magnum shooting for this test.

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