Friday, January 11, 2013


Back in the seventies, one guitar I really liked but couldn't afford was the GIBSON MARAUDER guitar.

I can't afford one now, either, which is why I thought I'd suggest that either Gibson or more likely Epiphone make a remake of this cool guitar.

It's a simple Les Paul style single cutaway body with a large humbucker at the neck and a small humbucker at the bridge at sort of a rear Tele pickup angle. To me, it's always been a blend of the Fender sound and the Gibson sound. Not bad company to be mixing with on either account.

I've had the chance to play around on several that different friends had in their collection. I always liked their necks and liked the way they sounded both clean and dirty.

I like the earlier versions, made from 1974 to 1976 says wiki, that use the three way toggle instead of a rotary pickup selector. I favor the maple neck over the rosewood, but most of the ones I see have the rosewood neck.

I kick myself for not buying one in a pawn shop 10 years ago for $450, because they go for lots more than that now, or at least the ones that I've seen. I saw that one then, went and ate lunch and had second thoughts and went back and it was gone.

I wish some enterprising Epiphone contractor in the far east and their R and D department would throw a great repro of the Marauder together. Do like the Squier vintage modified line, however, and put some halfway decent pickups in it.

One thing that was a unique feature of the Marauder was that (I thought) the pickup covers were made of transparent plastic, and it was an interesting look that I liked. Wiki actually says they were specially made Bill Lawrence pickups sealed in epoxy plastic.

Anyway, maybe some far east guitar maker will do a version of this guitar and actually take the time to get the pickups right. Or even Gibson...

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