Wednesday, January 2, 2013


If you were in my neck of the woods today and wanted to buy a Glock, you pretty much had your choice of .45, 10mm, 9mm and .40 in a variety of sizes. There were no Glock mags for sale. N.O.N.E. The numbers of Glocks behind the glass were lower than normal, but still well represented.

The usual assortment of snubnose revolvers was not present. Nor were a bunch of semiautos like Smiths, Berettas, Sigs and H and K that are normally in stock that are allso gone.

My friend at the LGS has done a booming business. It's a busy time of year right now, being deer season in Texas, and he has a great number of regulars who come in frequently for everything his full service shop offers, from gun cleaning to reloading to sales and service of new and used guns, ammo, scopes, accessories, knives and some militaria.

All the high capacity rifle mags were gone, as was almost all of the ammo in .223/5.56, 7.62 x 39 and 9mm. And .25 auto, of course (see a few posts ago about the run on 25 ACP).

I was dismayed that I didn't pick up a few more of the sorta new Ruger factory 25 round Mags for the 10/22. I bought one, and it works so much better than the several off brand extended mags for the venerable 10/22.

The short pistol grip home defense shotguns, ranging from cheap to moderately priced, have all sold out. He ususally has about 10 or so of some variety. Likewise, even the Smith and Wesson .22 version of the M4, the M and P-22, of which he usually stocks about 20 or so, ...all gone.

He indicated once folks come in, many have been other places looking for certain firearms. When they discover he too is sold out, often it's the end of the day, they have cash in their pocket and want something for defense or possibly another weapon for hunting. So they'll opt and buy a large caliber bolt action.

My friend normally has two floor racks with about 20 rifles each, in addition to wall racks and some aisle racks, all for long guns. The floor racks are in the back room, because all the used and mostly scoped bolt action rifles in large calibers began selling out when the assault rifles were gone.

He's probably got about 100 rifles and shotguns and a like number of handguns, down about 3/4 from what he was about 4 weeks ago. Reloading supplies are selling at a clip as well.

He's got a small shop that does better than average business for it's size most of the time, so it's usually a busy place, with 30 or 40 guns sold a day and about 20 or so taken in trade or sold to him. It's been many times that the past couple of weeks.

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