Tuesday, January 29, 2013


With the introduction of their CHIAPPA TRIPLE BARREL SHOTGUN, Chiappa is just one or two wee steps away from making a modern day drilling. While I shudder at the thought of spending $1600 MSRP (likely about $400 or $500 less street after awhile), I'd gladly sell stuff and raise cash for a nice drilling for that same price.

From looking at a drilling rifle forum and reading somewhat extensively about these interesting rifles,  there has never been a cheap drilling for the working man made in this country. What few drillings have been sold here used are a serious risk because "ain't no parts" available anywhere, unless you would somehow find a donor rifle. Otherwise, you're having your parts made. That equals big money. Large, folding money.

So I'd love to see Chiappa spend a few bucks to make a barrel and action to accommodate a rifle barrel atop the shotguns. Make it a double trigger with one trigger for the rifle and one for the shotguns.

What a great hunting gun. If birds might be afoot, or even snakes, during a hunt for some larger beast more suited to the rifle barrel, then #4 or #8 shotshells might be called for in the shotgun barrels. If hunting for larger dangerous game, or hog hunting, some buckshot in those shotgun barrels would be a good fit for me as a backup to the rifle.

Of course, I'd love to see another entry besides the Baikal in the affordable double rifle category as well. I have not had time to fully peruse Shot Show 2013 coverage, just the highlights for the most part, but haven't seen anything in double rifles with any kind of reasonable price on them.

And if you wanted to get REALLY serious about this triple shotgun thing, you'd make one with 20 gauge instead of 12 gauge to drop a few pounds for the home defense market. Also, two 20's and a rifle would make a for a dandy drilling if a few pounds lighter than a 12 gauge model. 

So Chiappa, how 'bout it? What about a Chiappa drilling?

As far as calibers, there are so many acceptable calibers that you'd just have to limit it to a few. .30-06 for sure, as well as .308, and maybe something as stout as a .300 WM.

I, for one, would love to have a Chiappa drilling in a 12 x 12 x 7.62 x 54r configuration.


  1. Thanks Momma! I hope that your new life is agreeing well with you! Good luck and good karma!